Ginder Factory Shipping Policy

Our licensing & shipping capabilities are strictly to North America, i.e. United States, Canada & Mexico. We promise we’re trying to expand all over the world, but all these cool brands want us to be their domestic (N. America) licensees. So we’re all, “Okay.” 

We have to keep it within North America or we face punishment by the hand of the law– and most importantly, our awesome licensed partners. Which, although sometimes tempting, we realize is best to avoid.  

Ginder Factory Processing Time

You’ll get your goods within 5-10 business days from the day you bought it. We don’t keep an inventory, as your purchases are made to order. We batch all orders together for one eco-conscious weekly print from our Chicagoland warehouse.

You’ll receive two emails:

  1. Order Confirmation Email: This includes your order details, shipping address and billing info. You’ll get this immediately after you purchase.
  2. Shipping Confirmation Email: Once your order has been printed, processed, and packaged (i.e. the 3 P’s), this email will provide you with your USPS Tracking Number and order details. 

If you’re all, “I have a question about my order”, hit us up at We don’t bite. 


International Shipping

Ginder Factory ships to Canada & Mexico. We wish we could ship all over this beautiful planet, but as a domestic licensee, our licensing agreement with all partners keeps us legally bound to North America only. 

If you have any questions about costs related to your particular country or province, hit up that address.

International Shipping – Terms & Conditions

International orders (shipped outside the United States to Canada or Mexico) normally require about 5-15 business days for delivery. 

#truth: international orders can sometimes be delayed in customs. But no worries, you will receive a Ship Confirmation email including your USPS Tracking Number the day your order is shipped.

If you have any questions on the status of your order, you know the drill:

We gotta say this: We are not responsible for products confiscated by the legal authorities of your country or state; we advise you to check your local laws before ordering if you suspect that your country bans any products.

Thanks for letting us say that. 

Snapback Hats

Officially Licensed Snapback Hats are placed in a protective poly plastic wrap, and then ship in a durable cardboard box. 

T Shirts and Tank Tops

T Shirts and Tank Tops are shipped in protective plastic poly mailers (talk about a tongue twister). 

T Shirts and Tank Tops will always ship separately from Posters, Art Prints, Stickers, etc. So if you order a T Shirt and, say, a Sticker Pack, you will receive two separate packages: 1 with your T Shirt, and 1 with your Sticker Pack.

Don’t worry: you will only have to pay one shipping charge. Just don’t be surprised or scared when you get half of your order before the other half. It’ll be there before you know it! 


Posters are rolled and sealed into a protective plastic condom (giggity) so that no bad things happen to them. Then we place that into a heavy-duty poster tube. Then we seal that tube with plastic end caps. And then lastly, we tape the end caps to ensure a solid package (gigg-i-ty).

Art Prints 

Art Prints are rolled and sealed into a protective newsprint sheet so that no bad things happen to them. Then we seal that tube with plastic end caps. And then lastly, we tape the end caps so that you open it, and are all, “Oh, this looks good.”

All 5″ x 5″ Art Prints (aka Monster Hunter™ Minis)  are shipped in a protective Flat Mailer, secured with two cardboard pads. 


Canvases are wrapped in a fitted bubble-wrap casing and then placed into a box with reinforced corner protection. Talk about quality control…

Oh yeah, because our canvases require specialized attention during production, they will always be packaged and shipped individually. 

Vinyl Stickers / Sticker Packs

We ship all our Vinyl Stickers in a protective Padded Envelope, secured with two cardboard pads. You’re gonna love it.